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Job Searching While Working? Scary Stuff!

By Lola Lass / June 9, 2023

Most people are working these days, says the government reports stating that the unemployment rate continues to hover at record breaking lows. While that doesn’t ring so true for those that recently got laid off, most people that want to work really ARE working. However, that does not mean they are all happy in their…

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Is TEMP WORK worth it?

By Lola Lass / March 10, 2023

When great candidates are searching for their next dream job but are not currently working, we suggest they may want to consider working TEMP while they continue their search. Many have said, “Well, I am not sure if it’s WORTH IT.” While TEMP work is not for everyone, because it depends on your personal situation,…

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Resume Tips – It’s Proofing Time!

By Lola Lass / September 16, 2022

If you have followed our previous 5 posts, you now know how to put together a basic resume in an acceptable business format. You will have listed your CONTACT INFO at the top (updated and active), your EXPERIENCE (which is your work history and it will be in descending order), your EDUCATION (making sure you…

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Resume Tips – Skills Listing, Awards, Volunteering?

By Lola Lass / September 8, 2022

As you know, we took the Labor Day weekend off from posting. Oh, you didn’t notice? Well, hopefully we’ll become more intriguing to you so you might actually miss us. 🙂 Back to your resume, after getting your CONTACT INFO updated and in good form, and listing your EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION, we most often have…

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Resume Tips – Experience (the boring part of our resume?)

By Lola Lass / August 26, 2022

You already know that your resume is your first impression during the job search process so you need it to make you look good. As we continue with our series on resume tips, we return to the EXPERIENCE section. This is almost always the longest section of our resume so we want to give it…

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Resume Tips – What’s next: Education or Experience?

By Lola Lass / August 19, 2022

Once we have formatted the top section of our resume, which identifies us and shares how we wish to be contacted by prospective employers, we move on to the next section of the resume. Some people list EDUCATION next while others list EXPERIENCE or WORK HISTORY (both of these section titles are acceptable). Which one…

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Resume Tips – Contact Info Ready

By Lola Lass / August 14, 2022

Once you have the CONTACT INFO section format update, it is time to review your email address and voice mail message. Why? Well, if you happen to still be using an email address you created years ago, it may be inappropriate and can turn off recruiters. Here’s an example of one such inappropriate email address:…

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Before You Start Your Job Search

By Lola Lass / August 5, 2022

You are being forced to look for a new position (for any one of a myriad of reasons from a bad boss to a workforce reduction) after being in your current job for more 7 years. You haven’t had to look for a new job in so long you aren’t sure where to even start.…

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Finally CELEBRATING in NOLA again…in public!

By Lola Lass / May 2, 2022

With fingers crossed, we announce that we are out CELEBRATING again, finally… after 2 long years of Covid restricted living. And, it feels so good, doesn’t it? We have been Parading, Festing, Dining & Drinking, Gardening, Walking and so much more – all with zero or very limited mask use. It took us a while…

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CELEBRATING NEW ORLEANS in the summertime!

By Lola Lass / June 1, 2018

We love living in this great city of NEW ORLEANS because there is always something around here to CELEBRATE. Right now we are celebrating living in NEW ORLEANS in the SUMMERTIME. What’s so great about living here in the summer? Well, thanks to the high heat and humidity, almost everything in NEW ORLEANS is air…

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