CELEBRATING NEW ORLEANS in the summertime!

We love living in this great city of NEW ORLEANS because there is always something around here to CELEBRATE. Right now we are celebrating living in NEW ORLEANS in the SUMMERTIME. What’s so great about living here in the summer? Well, thanks to the high heat and humidity, almost everything in NEW ORLEANS is air conditioned, so we start by celebrating Willis Carrier who invented modern AIR CONDITIONING in 1902. When hot temperatures force us indoors instead of outdoors, we like to head to the local movie theaters (like Prytania Theaters, or Broad Street Theaters) and soak up some A/C while sipping on a soda and poppin’ some popcorn. We also like to head to many of the great historic venues our town has to offer such as the World War II Museum, the Historic New Orleans Collection, or the New Orleans Museum of Art. We also like heading inside to one of our MANY favorite restaurants like Arnaud’s, Toups South, Gennusa’s, Doris Metropolitan or even to the Beach Corner for a great burger. And we don’t even know where to start when it comes to picking a pub to pop in for a cold, refreshing beverage. (This IS New Orleans, after all.) Anyway, we have lots of places to celebrate here in NEW ORLEANS, and that’s a good thing especially for our ADEETA family as we have lots of team member birthdays AND work anniversaries that fall during the summer.

But don’t worry, we promise that the ADEETA TEAM will only celebrate for so long… and then we’ll get right back to work. Yes, you will be able to find us at our desks, Monday through Friday, hard at work, helping the BEST EMPLOYERS in town find the TOP TALENT they need for their businesses to be successful! As we’ve said many times… We LOVE what we do! We are truly committed to helping New Orleans continue to thrive, one HIRE at a time. So if you need staffing assistance for a Temp, Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire position, just give us a call. We would love to work with you!

Happy SUMMERTIME, Everyone… Stay COOL!

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