Consulting Services

Adeeta is known for more than being the premier staffing partner in the Greater New Orleans area. We also offer a variety of consulting services, such as testing, team building, and outplacement services to keep morale and productivity at their highest levels at your company.

consulting services adeeta

Adeeta Testing and Assessment Services

There are numerous reasons to conduct employee testing and assessments. Employers may conduct pre-employment screenings and assessments to determine the best match for a job. Companies also implement personnel assessments to provide career guidance to their employees or identify employees ready to progress to managerial or higher-level positions. Adeeta provides consulting services, such as testing and assessment guidance, to help you make these important decisions and strengthen your company!

Adeeta Team Building Services

Team building brings your workplace together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration between employees. Adeeta’s team-building sessions help team members work towards a common goal and strengthen their bond as a group! Key gains are improved communication and stronger team member connections.

Adeeta Outplacement Services

Outplacement services, or career transition services, are services and programs dedicated to helping exiting or laid-off employees prepare for and navigate their job search. These career services are paid for by the employer. We know it is never easy feeling displaced, which is why we at Adeeta are committed to helping exiting employees navigate the job search process and find their next position.

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