Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services or Career Transition Services for New Orleans Employers

Outplacement services, or career transition services, are services and programs dedicated to helping employees who are no longer with their former company land a position that’s right for them! These free career services are paid for by the employer. We know it is never easy feeling displaced, which is why we at Adeeta are committed to helping exiting employees navigate the job search path to new employment.

Outplacement Services - Resume Assistance Job Search Process Review Skills Testing for Wide Range of Skill Sets

What We Offer: Outplacement Services

Adeeta offers both Standard Employee and Professional Employee options in our outplacement services packages. We provide three pricing package options for the following services for exiting employees as they begin their new job search:

  • Resume Assistance
  • Job Search Process Review
  • Search Expectations in Current Market
  • Local Contacts When Available (Based on Position)
  • Skills Testing for Wide Range of Skill Sets

And if employees feel like there is still work to do, they can extend the term at their own cost after the initial time period has expired.

Make A Smooth Transition with Outplacement Services

Whether you are facing layoffs or making changes to your company through rightsizing, part of your job as an employer is to ensure a smooth transition for both parties involved. You can make the choice to empower exiting employees, so they feel comfortable and confident during their job search.

Why Choose Outplacement Assistance Through an Outplacement Firm?

Your workforce is a fine-tuned machine, which means the smallest disruption can cause frustrating consequences. Outplacement companies help employers keep morale positive, even if the company is undergoing changes. The following are some of the reasons employers consider outplacement services:

  • Show employees they are not just a number. Nothing reduces morale like layoffs or terminations. If handled improperly, the process can leave the remaining employees confused and uncertain. Implementing an outplacement firm is a way to show how much you care about everyone at your company, even the employees you have to transition out, and increase existing employee commitment and retention.
  • Reduce litigation possibilities. Offering outplacement packages are one way to reduce the possibility of future litigation from laid-off employees. If you are re-evaluating your severance package, consider including career transition services as an added benefit, so employees can feel valued even after their departure.
  • Prove your commitment to corporate values. If you are like most companies, you have corporate values directed towards conveying how much you appreciate your team. Outplacement services can protect the public perception of your brand, as well as the internal perception of your core values.

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