Talent Assessment and Pre-Employment Testing

Employee Guidance through Adeeta Talent Assessment and Pre-Employment Testing

There are numerous reasons to conduct employee talent assessments. Employers may conduct pre-employment screenings and talent assessments to determine the best match for a job. Companies also implement employment screening tests to predict a new hire’s possible job performance. Adeeta provides testing and assessment guidance to help you make these important decisions and strengthen your company!

Adeeta Talent Assessment and Pre-Employment Testing

What We Offer: Testing and Assessment

The more you know about a new hire, the more prepared you are to guide them into the best roles in your company. With talent assessments, you are able to provide employees with appropriate challenges as they progress into these roles. Adeeta offers a variety of testing and assessment resources to strengthen your team and business.

  • Behavioral Styles and Driving Forces Assessment
  • Computerized Assessment and Report
  • 45 Minute Feedback Session by Licensed Representative
  • Skills/Abilities Testing

Learn More About Your Staff Through Pre-Employment Testing!

Both companies and employees benefit from understanding staff strengths and weaknesses. Get to know your new hire through thorough employment assessment tests. Hiring a firm such as Adeeta ensures that you are abiding by ethical hiring standards, and applying your testing in a consistent, standardized way. Testing and assessments reveal the following important information:

  • Natural Behavioral Styles
  • Best Management Solutions
  • Best Communication Techniques
  • Helps Set Growth Goals for Areas in Need of Improvement

Why Use Adeeta Talent Assessment and Testing Resources?

Testing and assessments apply to both individual personnel and company goals. For new employees, testing can help identify strengths and weaknesses. Use Adeeta talent assessment services to ensure your job candidates are not only qualified but will be a good fit for your team. Do you need to test to identify if a prospective candidate fits your company culture and work style? Adeeta has you covered!

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