Finally CELEBRATING in NOLA again…in public!

With fingers crossed, we announce that we are out CELEBRATING again, finally… after 2 long years of Covid restricted living. And, it feels so good, doesn’t it? We have been Parading, Festing, Dining & Drinking, Gardening, Walking and so much more – all with zero or very limited mask use. It took us a while to not feel guilty, but vaccinated & boosted (still washing lots of hands) we are out and about. We know most of you are too – and though we won’t be bumping into you at Jazzfest, it’s just because we are traveling… Austin, Chicago, 30A, Europe – we’ve been holding it in until we couldn’t hold it any more. So, off we go and we’ll be back with stories of old and new places. So stay tuned. And while we are gone, try to behave (at least a little bit) because Covid isn’t completely gone yet (so we hear via the medical grapevine). Let’s all do what we have to do in order to keep the MASKS put away – at leaset until next Mardi Gras! We love NEW ORLEANS… and we have loads to CELEBRATE!

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