Is TEMP WORK worth it?

When great candidates are searching for their next dream job but are not currently working, we suggest they may want to consider working TEMP while they continue their search. Many have said, “Well, I am not sure if it’s WORTH IT.” While TEMP work is not for everyone, because it depends on your personal situation, we try to help our candidates understand WHY they might want to give it a try. For most, a job search is a very stressful process and here are some things a TEMP assignment can help:

  1. ANXIETY – TEMP work can provide routine and structure which many of us need to keep anxiety at bay.
  2. INCOME – While not a get rich quick scheme, TEMP work will allow you to make some money, and when you are unemployed, some money is usually better than no money.
  3. CONTACTS – TEMP work puts you back in circulation and gives you the opportunity to make new contacts. New contacts can lead to new opportunities since it’s still a world of “who you know” whether we like that or not.
  4. RESUME’ – TEMP work will allow you to have a “presently employed” status on your resume and that is still typically more attractive to prospective employers than being unemployed.
  5. SKILLS – TEMP work will allow you to keep your skills sharp, and can sometimes allow you to develop new skills as well.
  6. REFERENCES – Not only does TEMP work allow you to have a current employment listing on your resume, it also provides you with a new, and hopefully glowing, employment reference. We love boasting about our awesome TEMP team employees.
  7. LEADS – When you do a great job on a TEMP assignment, others in the company will take note. Word spreads and many times our candidates learn of other opportunities and are often asked to apply.

Who would think a short temp assignment at a firm’s front desk could land someone a Marketing Manager position? Well, that is exactly what happened to one of our candidates because she earned that opportunity by doing a fabulous job while temping. The client was so impressed with this candidate’s overall attitude and performance while filling in for their receptionist even though she was overqualified, that they asked her to apply – even before they announced the new position to their own team. And there are countless stories just like this one.

To do a great job on a TEMP assignment, keep these simple things in mind: show up with a great attitude, every single day; show up on time and be “present” during the work day – every employer wants an engaged workforce; if you need to be out for any reason, talk to your supervisor ahead of time whenever possible because your absence will disrupt their workday; take an interest in what the company is doing and let them know you want to positively impact their goals while you are there; be humble even if you are overqualified; be eager to learn what they need you to know and take notes on everything they show you so you can minimize asking repeat questions; and ask how you can help others when your own work is done to show you are a team player.

I hope this message helps you see how working TEMP might benefit you, if so, also gives you the tips you need to being successful working TEMP. If you have questions about working TEMP in general, or are ready to hear about current TEMP opportunities through Adeeta, just give us a call (right after you send us your resume). We’d love to hear from you!

Lola K. Lass, CTS, CSP / President of ADEETA Corporate Staffing

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