Job Searching While Working? Scary Stuff!

Most people are working these days, says the government reports stating that the unemployment rate continues to hover at record breaking lows. While that doesn’t ring so true for those that recently got laid off, most people that want to work really ARE working. However, that does not mean they are all happy in their current jobs. If you are one of those employed but unhappy workers, you will want to read on.

We know that searching for a new job when your boss doesn’t know you are looking is very scary. What if your resume ends up in the hands of someone your boss knows? Or worse, into the hands of your boss? In today’s workplace, most candidates search for jobs online and freely apply to as many jobs as possible thinking – What can it hurt? Well, it could possibly cost you your current job.

But for those of you in that situation, you have an option. Working with staffing professionals like those of us at ADEETA can limit your exposure. How? We are able to present you to our clients confidentially and will only share your personal info with a client when you are ready. This can take so much anxiety out of a confidential search and we love being part of that stress reduction. So, if you are thinking of making a career change in any of the areas we service (Admin, Accounting, HR, Marketing and Management), but have been too scared to do anything about it, send us your resume ( We’d love to see if we can be of assistance!

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